Angel D-Lite Mini Reg Piston

Sometimes In life It’s amazing how very small things can make a very big difference. For example, take The new D/LITE Mini-Reg small piston from Angel. Developed from a unique durable self-sealing material, it now allows players using an Angel SB/AR:K/FLY or any other marker fitted with an Angel Mini-Reg to use both a low and high-pressure tank system without causing damage to the Mini-Reg. Operational over a vast range of temperatures. This revolutionary piece of kit is manufactured from a secret High-Grade Polymer, making it extremely tough and durable, whilst maintaining the ability to deliver unrivaled consistency of air flow to paintball markers under normal working pressures. Being made of a kind of plastic it also means that the new Mini-Reg piston is lighter than it's brass predecessor, has less components to worry about, and gives players the opportunity to use HP tanks up to 850 psi with their Angel marker. If used as an accessory on other markers it will improve shot to shot consistency by create a more stable flow of air delivering recharge rates envied throughout the industry. The new Mini-Reg small piston may only be small, but in our opinion it makes a very BIG difference.

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Manufacturer Part Number A115198
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