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Dye Attack Pack Pro - DyeCam

The Attack Pack Pro provides the capability to carry 4 to 11 pods in a light, flexible, vented and comfortable system. Depending on how many you use, the harness conforms to maintain the lowest profile. One Size Fits All.


  • The first belt that goes across your waist distributes the weight of the loaded harness. This eliminates any discomfort or harness rub while keeping the harness balanced. The second belt is used to tighten for your preferred fit.
  • The cupped neoprene ejector loops create a downward tension on the pods to assist in the smooth extraction of your pods. This design keeps the pods securely in place, while being quick and easy to remove.
  • The base belt of the pack has venting built in. This encourages ventilation and helps keep both you and your pods cool.
  • Compression formed pod straps are lighter and have been set to the perfect length, eliminating excess material and weight. The large ambidextrous tabs make it easy to release your pods in the most intense competition.


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Manufacturer Part Number 64008201
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