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Stiffi Stiffi proudly brings to the paintball industry over 25 years of powerful expertise and technology working in the classified aerospace industry of advanced composites for the Department of Defense. Commonly used in satellites, missiles, and F-117 fighter jets, carbon fiber is a unique material that is stronger than steel, yet lighter than aluminum. But just using carbon fiber alone doesn?t give you results. The secret lies in how it?s processed and how it?s built. The secret lies in how an expert in carbon fiber fabrication can take the components of ballistics, the knowledge of high-tech materials (carbon fiber, Kevlar, aramid fibers) and combine them with special processing and curing techniques so that you end up with perfect results. That?s what Stiffi does. Stiffi, with its leading-edge technology, research, and advanced structural materials and design creates an accurate, lightweight, and durable paintball barrel. The proprietary MicroJeweled? glass-like bore of Stiffi provides accuracy beyond expectation. The toughened epoxy prepreg carbon fibers are aerospace grade quality. And like a diamond that?s created from intense pressure, Stiffi also is created using high pressure Autoclaves. Stiffi is built with the same stability and structure performance as utilized in Department of Defense weapons specifications. Stiffi is precision-made, weighs less than 2 ounces, provides unheard-of stiffness and has zero co-efficient of thermal expansion. Stiffi barrels are not affected by outside temperatures, giving you consistent accuracy every single time. In side-by-side comparisons, Stiffi consistently shoots straighter than any other barrel. Each time you take your Stiffi barrel into the battlefield of paintball, you are taking with you the same experience, technology, and classified intelligence that put our satellites in space, our fighter jets in the air, and our missiles into flight.


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Phantom Threaded Stiffi Barrel 14"
Market price: $129.95