Collection: Paintball Barrels & Accessories

PB Sports offers barrels to fit most guns. If you are looking for a barrel system to increase your accuracy, such as the Dye Ultralite barrel system, or if you are looking to increrase your range, such as with the Apex2 and Flatline barrels, we have all kinds of barrels in stock that are sure to fit your needs and your budget!

There are not many upgrades that you can do to your paintball gun that will make as much difference as a good quality aftermarket barrel. 

A word of warning from the staff of PB Sports, if you are shooting 'junk' paintballs, no barrel will help.  You need to be shooting at least decent quality paintballs for the barrel to make a difference.  Feel free to ask us any questions you have about the barrels we sell, and which ones will work best with the paintballs you usually shoot.