Elite Force Beretta M9A3 Special Forces CO2 Blowback Semi/Full Auto Airsoft Pistol

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Improving upon the popular M92A1 pistol, Elite Force has released the new generation M9A3 pistol, the newest in the M9 pistol family tree. Featuring the same powerful CO2 blowback system from it's predecessor, the M9A3 has a strong, yet buttery smooth blowback impulse that cycles the pistol very quickly that allows for the user to chain multiple shots together without fear of out running the pistol in any way. Mimicking the real deal, the M9A3 features a functional safety/decocker system, that drops the hammer when the pistol is put into safety. Further, this function allows for the pistol to fire from double action, which some users may prefer for training, or "carrying" on the airsoft field safely.

Unlike the real pistol however, is a unique full auto function. There is a switch under the right grip that can be flipped for the ability to dump a mag and hose players down with BBs should the user see a need for it. Further externally, the M9A3 features a slimmer grip than the M92, with a more vertical overall angle which makes the pistol more comfortable overall. Lastly, improved over the version, the M9A3 comes equipped with a 14mm Negative threaded barrel for the easy attachment of thread protectors, mock suppressors or other muzzle devices.

Manufacturer: Elite Force
Muzzle Velocity: 350 FPS
Model: Beretta M9A3
Magazine Capacity: 22 round CO2 
Color: Tan
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
Warranty Length: 60 Days
Warranty Handler: Elite Force


  • Based on the new generation of the M9 pistol
  • Snappy, smooth blowback
  • Metal Construction
  • CO2 Powered Magazine