Elite Force Legends Limited Edition Custom .45 Gambler Airsoft Pistol - Black - (Only 1000 Made!!!)

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The Elite Force Gambler (Limited Edition) Black Gas .45 Revolver CO2 airsoft gun.  A metal Black gun design, with all metal components for added durability.  Shells system (extras sold separately) that fit BBs in the chamber.  Loads like an old-school 1800's revolver on its side (see pic).    Hop up is set for use with .25g BB weights.  FPS is 325 w/.20g - safe for all CQB fields.

Limited edition Gambler to 1000 worldwide. Includes 12 total shells.  Uses standard Co2 cartridges.  Custom logos.

This is a solid, heavy, and very realistic revolver.  NOT PLASTIC.  Finally a western style single action army airsoft revolver that's very well made!