Evan Estrate, the inventor of the first Pinokio hopper and founder of the company, still plays paintball, both on tournament fields and in the woods. The whole reason Pinokio exists is because Evan played paintball and wanted a better product to improve his game. Evan continues to play today, shooting his Bob Long Victory marker on both competitive and scenario fields around the country.

Jennifer Silverman, the company General Manager, is also a longtime paintball player who got her start behind a marker in 2007. A regular scenario and woodsball player who loves her digital camouflage Tippmann A5 marker with a Pinokio A5P hopper on top, Jennifer got her start in paintball from her husband, Joshua D Silverman, who assists Pinokio with advertising and marketing. A 20+ year paintball veteran of five, seven and ten-man tournament competition and scenario paintball, Josh has also promoted major paintball tournaments and written for numerous paintball magazines including Action Pursuit Games, Paintball Games International Magazine, Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine and PaintballX3 Magazine.