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GOG Freak Original Barrel Front - 16"

GOG Freak Original Barrel Front - 16"

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Expand the versatility of your Freak Barrel System with a new Freak Front. A slightly larger bore diameter than The Freak Insert guides the paintball to its flight path while linear pressure compensating ports allow air pressure in front of and behind the paintball to equalize for a smoother transition into its flight path and shot-after-shot consistency. Gently contoured reinforcement ribs keep The Freak Front lightweight but extremely rigid. Choose one of three sizes and configure your Freak Barrel System. at 12 inches for high mobility in tight spaces like CQB mil-sim games, 14 inches for mobility balanced with precision on inflatable bunker fields, or 16 inches for sniping from the woods.

This is a black Freak Front that combined with a Freak Back and Insert will complete a 16" Freak Barrel System.
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