2000 Count Virtue Ace Paintballs Metallic Orange Shell Yellow Fill

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Shoot Virtue Ace, the ultimate paintball that’s devastatingly accurate with more effective range due to it’s enhanced breaking dynamics. Virtue Paintballs run cleaner through your gun, and are encapsulated in the USA for maximum freshness. All Virtue Ace, Edge and Base Zone Paintballs feature an environmentally friendly PEG fill with food-grade dyes so you can be assured of a bright splat that’s easy to clean with water and completely biodegradable. The most trusted name in paintball loader and goggle technology now has you covered when it comes to paint! We Built a Better Ball. Built to Win.

  • 2000 count quantity
  • Ultra-consistent shape
  • Metallic orange shell
  • Nearly invisible seam
  • Thick yellow paint fill.