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ACETECH AT2000 Tracer Modification Part

ACETECH AT2000 Tracer Modification Part

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Acetech is founded by former Xcortech team members to build better airsoft related electronics.

Predator AT2000 Tracer Modification Unit

  • For D.I.Y. your tracer only, NOT a completed tracer
  • Brightest tracer module designed to install into a silencer. After installing, the silencer could be used as a tracer unit.
  • Make sure the dimension of your tracer should be larger than diameter: 32.2 mm, length: 113mm that AT2000 can be installed in
  • Use 4 AAA Alkaline batteries or heavy duty Ni-CD rechargeable batteries.
  • Support up to 30 PRS, no light decaying, missing lighting
  • Sustained ROF up to 1800 RPM
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Use of 4 AAA alkaline batteries lasting for over 100,000 rounds
  • Reverse 14mm thread (14mm CCW Thread)
  • Dimension : 156mm x 37mm
  • Weight : 140g without battery


Q1:Does AT2000 fit on my airsoft gun?

  • A1: AT2000 fits on any 14mm CCW barrels

Q2: :Does AT2000 support Red tracer BBs?

  • A2: Yes, it works, but not effectively. Not recommend
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