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Air Ordnance

Air-Ordnance SMG 22 Tactical Belt Fed Pellet Gun - .22 Caliber

Air-Ordnance SMG 22 Tactical Belt Fed Pellet Gun - .22 Caliber

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The all new Air-Ordnance SMG .22 pellet gun is the first of kind, fully automatic .22 caliber belt fed machine gun. This lightweight, high performance pellet gun which shoots up to 600fps is the perfect item for gun enthusiasts, sportsmen and target shooting. This exciting new item, which is powered by CO2, nitrogen, or HPA (high pressure compressed air) will unleash up to 12rounds per second, with an adjustable rate of fire.

Included with the SMG .22 Tactical

  • 6 Position Collapsible Rear Stock
  • 100 Round Ammo Drum
  • 1 fully assembled 100 piece ammo belt
  • 1 non assembled, simple to assemble belt (100 links)
  • Can of 250 rounds of Gamo 15 grain .22 Caliber pellets
  • Ammo belt easy load tool
  • 20 oz. co2 tank
  • Owner's manual
  • Gun Oil packet


  • 45 Pistol Grip Frame
  • Composite Forearm Grip
  • Dovetail Rear Sight
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Aluminum Body
  • Steel Rifled Barrel
  • Extremely Light Trigger Pull
  • Piccatiny Rail to Mount Various Accessories


model number:SMG .22 W/ STOCK

power source:CO2, Nitrogn, HPA

rate of fire:12 rds. per second

velocity:600 FPS +

weight with tank:7.4 lbs.

length with tank:36.5 + (adjustable)

barrel material: 1018 Steel Rifled 1:20 Twist

front sight:Fixed

rear sight:Dove Tail

safety:Cross Bolt

barrel length:16.5"

Patent Number:8,430,085

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