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Airgun Designs Automag ULE Main body - Purple

Airgun Designs Automag ULE Main body - Purple

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HOT! HOT! HOT! Finally here, the ALL Aluminum Colored Bodies! All the features you want including:

1. Uses Cocker thread barrel (not included) instead of twist-lock barrel.

2. Screw in feed tube with Angel threads

3. Ball detent (Angel thread)

4. MULTIPLE Colors!!

5. Fits RT Pro, RT ULE Custom, Emag, Minimag, Classic

We call them ULE for "Ultra Light Engineering" because these babies are light as a feather! 3.9 oz total weight with feed cup and detent makes you faster to the 50!

Note: If you want to put this on an Automag/Classic or Minimag, you will need to press the twist lock assembly out of the rail. Also, this ULE body will not fit the old Automag RT.

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