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Airgun Designs Automag X-Valve - Black

Airgun Designs Automag X-Valve - Black

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All aluminum with hyper-fast recharge makes this our most popular upgrade! The reactive trigger actually pushes your finger back after firing each shot! Shootdown is gone forever and the gas flows into the chamber so fast you can feel the valve heat up after a long string. However, the X-Valve is not designed to fire fully automatic.

Slide it right in and go to town!

Comes standard with LvL10 upgrade!

Sear sold separately.

Includes 4 carriers total as o-ring sizes are more controlled today.


Warning: The X-Valve will not fit into an Automag RT. (It WILL fit an RT Pro.)

The X-valve will only run on compressed air or Nitrogen - not CO2.

The Standard X-Valve has the air inlet on the right hand side.

If you are going to use the X-Valve in an Emag or RT Pro, KEEP YOUR ON/OFF ASSEMBLY. The assembly provided with the valve kit will have the wrong size on/off pin for your marker.

Requires Fine Tuning of the Level 10.

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