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Airsoft A&K 870A Spring Shotgun

Airsoft A&K 870A Spring Shotgun

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A&K 870A Airsoft Spring Shotgun

- 320 fps (0.20g BB) / Range 120-130 feet
- Barrel Length: 16 inches / 41 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 20 Rounds
- Overall Length: 26.5 inches

- Full Metal Construction
- Full Stock Configuration
- Made in China

This well built shotgun has a full metal body giving it a nice weight and strong sturdy feel, something you just can't get with plastic guns. This magazine fed shotgun is single shot so every time you pull the trigger one BB flies out, and boy does it fly. The full stock will allow you to steady your aim in the heat of battle giving you the ability to make every shot quick and easy.

This is a spring gun and the slide must be cocked for each shot. It requires no gas or batteries to operate. Due to this feature, the costs of spring guns are significantly lower, as well as maintenance. They are the most durable of all airsoft guns because they have less pieces that can break. Spring guns are very reliable, affordable and handsome guns. Please note that this is not a three round burst style spring shotgun.


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