Airsoft Innovations Tornado AIRSOFT Grenade Orange

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Airsoft Innovations "Tornado" Airsoft Gas Powered BB Grenade - Impact / Orange Features : Propane powered! Can be configured for HFC134a too Completely re-useable. Just reload BBs and gas! Blasts over 200 plastic 6mm pellets in a full 3D scatter. Not a shotgun blast or a disc distribution. A full spherical scatter! Triggers at one inch drop to floor! Tough design survival for countless throws No loose parts to collect. Keep track of the pull pin though Gas powered and fully reusable Easily disarmed for safe zone handling Includes 1 bottle of Tornado Grenade Oil Gas Type: Propane (Can be configured for 134A) Color: Orange Material: High Strength Nylon Polymer Outer, CNC Aluminum Internals Manufacturer: Airsoft Innovations