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Angel Magno Exhaust Valve Kit w/ D-Lite Stem

Angel Magno Exhaust Valve Kit w/ D-Lite Stem

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For use with All Angel 1's, Flys and AR:Ks.

The Magno valve is patented and is new paintball technology. Designed to do away with old fashioned springs seen in most other markers the magnetic valve uses the principle of polar repulsion to close the valve giving ultimate consistency. By snap closing a mechanical valve without touching the moving parts the "Magno" valve gives Increased gas efficiency, reduced operating pressures, and far less recoil. The patented Magno valve represents a huge development in paintball valve technology and maintains the Angel's enviable reputation as being the most advanced paintball marker on the planet! Now complete with the all new D-Lite valve stem.

Often, the stock Magno Valve will leak slightly after initial installation. This is due to imperfections in the sealing surface of the valve body. We have each valve body polished on a lathe to our standards prior to shipping it to you. Please see the second photo for the difference between the stock version as we get it from Angel, and the highly polished version we sell.

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