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Angel Mojo Board - Used

Angel Mojo Board - Used

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Some of the features: full color OLED display Microswitch improved navigation through menus ROF adjustable from 8-25 bps, with 0.1 bps increments Dwell adjustment down to 0.1 m/s Improved eye logic to assist with ambient light problems and dirty eyes Debounce settings from 0.5 m/s to 25 m/s with 0.1 m/s adjustablilty Super fast boot up to live USB upgradability Additional changes from stock board: you do not have to pull the trigger to turn the eyes off (I like this one!) improved eye status indicator (6 different icons; breech empty, ball present, eyes off, error, error rectified, and error rectified ball present) It comes packaged in a Fat Boy tube. Re-usable packaging! Designed AND manufactured in the UK!

This has been tested by an Angel tech, and is fully functional. There are no problems, and the sceen is in perfect shape.

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