APE Rampage Board for the Tippmann X7 & A5 H.E. w/PowerShot Solenoid

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The Rampage board for the X7 and A5 HE grip is a direct Drop-In replacement for your existing E-Grip. No need to turn your board on or off, just use the selector switch to select the firing mode and go play! When you’re done for the day just switch your selector to the safety position. It’s that easy! This board features: State-of-the-art RISC Microcontroller Weather Resistant Conformal Coating protects your electronics in the Rain! Extended Battery Life Simple Push Button Selection to Change Firing Modes Reprogrammable Selector Switch (Position 1 AND 2!) Visual LED Mode Indicator – Visible in Direct Sunlight! 8 Base Firing Modes: • Semi Automatic • Burst • Reactive • TRUE Full Automatic • Turbo+ • Rampage™ • PSP3 • NXL User Programmable Firing Mode Enabler – You decide what modes are enabled or disabled Rate of Fire from 5 to 30bps! Adjustable Dwell and Debounce Programmable Burst Mode Programmable Rampage Mode Programmable Turbo+ Mode