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APE Rampage OLED Board for the G3 w/grips

APE Rampage OLED Board for the G3 w/grips

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Firmware Features:
  • SIX completely independent Player Profiles easily loaded “on demand”
  • Programmable “Power Up” and “Tournament” active profiles
  • Easy trigger programmability and configuration menu navigation for unprecedented speed and ease in making adjustments
  • Highly verbose menus and setpoints on the high resolution OLED almost make user manuals obsolete… intuitive and self-descriptive
  • Instant access “Hot Start” options to override operations without programming
  • 8 fully adjustable base firing modes – Semi, Burst, Reactive, Full Auto, Ramping, PSP3*, NXL*, Millennium*
  • Firing Mode “enable/disable” controls for each profile create customized firing mode “palettes”
  • Programmable Burst and Reactive shots
  • Rule change “immune” Tournament Modes that are fully user configurable.
  • The most flexible and powerful ramping controls available in any marker or aftermarket board
  • Live rate of fire “Trigger Trainer” with instantaneous pull rate, peak and average pull rate all in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Breakout Mode Controls providing the most flexible and creative recreational play and training operations available
  • Intuitive ICON display for battery level, player profile, ball in breech status, eye and tournament lock status
  • “Tune Assist” control to adjust your marker for optimum speed and efficiency without programming
  • Statistical monitoring of trigger rate, trigger pull, and total shots with a programmable “memo” function
  • Programmable game timer up to 99 minutes with adjustable timer start
  • Fractional BPS adjustment with independent Eyes On/Eyes Off BPS setpoints
  • Programmable “capped/uncapped” enable feature
  • Fully adjustable Solenoid dwell, ABS Dwell and ABS Reset Timer
  • Programmable Auto Shutdown Time
  • Programmable Breech Delay with selectable Eye Process and (4) Eye Modes
  • Programmable Audio enable
  • Independent Leading and Trailing Edge trigger debounce
  • Programmable “cycle specific” Trigger Filtering controls
  • Programmable “Tournament” mode

Other Standard Features:
  • Complete menu driven setpoint “Default” options for individual profiles, all profiles, globals, statistics, or the entire marker setpoint memory
  • All user setpoints are stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory and are persisted across battery replacements
  • Forced shot operation with “Empty Breech Eyes On” conditions for sound activated hoppers
  • Trigger buffering for smooth “rope” shooting
  • Instant transition from programming to live firing without powering down the marker

* Default Tournament Modes.  Other tournament formats are user definable.
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