APE Rampage OLED Board for the Planet Eclipse Etek 3 w/grips

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The Rampage OLED Board For the Planet Eclipse Etek 3 with Grips from Stinger Paintball Designs! The Rampage OLED Board For the Etek 3 AM and LT frame with Grips from Stinger Paintball Designs! The new APE OLED board features a high contrast, high resolution Organic LED (“OLED”) creating an extremely intuitive, user friendly, and powerful human-marker interface (HMI). The Rampage Etek3 board has the OLED screen located on the Right side of the marker so it fits into either the AM or LT frame without modification! The new APE OLED board features a high contrast, high resolution Organic LED (“OLED”) creating an extremely intuitive, user friendly, and powerful human-marker interface (HMI). The APE OLED display boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 2000:1, and pixel resolution over 2.5 times that of other OLED boards. This results in a clearer, sharper display with more than double the displayable information on any given screen. Precedent Setting Design, Performance, and Price The new APE OLED board series sets a new technology precedent for aftermarket paintball boards. At the heart of operations is a 2 MIPS (million instructions per second) microcontroller coupled with fully interrupt driven I/O that’s guaranteed to never miss an event. All of the internal firmware is architected with 100% highly optimized native RISC instructions (no compiled code) that seamlessly weaves display I/O and marker operations together in real time. "Advanced” Controls APE (“Advanced Paintball Electronics”) was the first to pioneer many standards and controls now copied by other board and marker manufacturers. Beyond Belief” Breakout Modes The APE OLED board introduces recreational Breakout Mode processing that will blow you away… Never before have players had such a rich collection of controls and flexibility for shooting off the break. Control the starting pull, which mode is used during breakout operation, your added rate of fire, and how to terminate your breakout mode. Ramping “Rampage style” The APE OLED board brings the most comprehensive ramping controls available today, yet it’s distilled down to just (5) simple settings. Program the number of semi shots, your ramping pull rate, or use both of these settings together. Choose your style of ramping from programmable burst, reactive and percentage ramping modes… even full auto ramping! Control ramping reset with a programmable timer or rate only reset. No other board provides ramping control like this. Tune Assist The APE OLED board features a new semi-automated “Tune Assist” feature that allows users to quickly tune their marker for peak efficiency and speed by providing quick adjustment of both solenoid dwell and bolt return timing. Once the tuning procedure is complete, these adjustments are automatically stored in ALL user profiles eliminating the need to individually program them. Interactive Trigger Trainer The Trigger Trainer Mode provides instantaneous trigger pull rate data, and also displays your peak pull rate and sustained average pull rate for every trigger burst you pull. Sharpen your pull rate skills and stamina, and track your improvement as your skill and stamina progress. Training mode uses the same marker setpoints as live firing, giving you the same performance with or without paint. Rule Ready” Tournament Modes Tournament Rule changes are inevitable and Tournament Series come and go as well. This used to mean that firmware would often be obsolete by these rule changes. The APE OLED board takes a new approach to tournament play formats by providing (3) globally programmed tournament mode formats. As these changes occur, users can simply reprogram these tournament mode firing “rules” to maintain compliance. This programmability even allows a 4 character “Tournament Series Name” so you’re always up to date as Tournament Rules and Tournament series evolve. Current rules for PSP, NXL, and Millennium formats come standard… users can optionally set NPPL, CFOA, USPL, SPPL, or any other tournament format desired (even ones to come in the future). Hardware Highlights • High Contrast (2000:1), High Resolution (192x32), Power efficient OLED display • Zero Power Drain • Processor Gated Battery Monitor • Audible Speaker • RF ready with hopper transmitter control interface • 2 MIPS MCU with 100% optimized native RISC • Power Saving Eye and Solenoid Modulation controls • Internal “Tourney Lock” switch • 80g microswitch trigger Firmware Features • SIX completely independent Player Profiles easily loaded “on demand” • Programmable “Power Up” and “Tournament” active profiles • Easy trigger programmability and configuration menu navigation for unprecedented speed and ease in making adjustments • Highly verbose menus and setpoints on the high resolution OLED almost make user manuals obsolete… intuitive and self-descriptive • Instant access “Hot Start” options to override operations without programming • 8 fully adjustable base firing modes – Semi, Burst, Reactive, Full Auto, Ramping, PSP3*, NXL*, Millennium* • Firing Mode “enable/disable” controls for each profile create customized firing mode “palettes” • Programmable Burst and Reactive shots • Rule change “immune” Tournament Modes that are fully user configurable. • The most flexible and powerful ramping controls available in any marker or aftermarket board • Live rate of fire “Trigger Trainer” with instantaneous pull rate, peak and average pull rate all in real-time. • Comprehensive Breakout Mode Controls providing the most flexible and creative recreational play and training operations available • Intuitive ICON display for battery level, player profile, ball in breech status, eye and tournament lock status • “Tune Assist” control to adjust your marker for optimum speed and efficiency without programming • Statistical monitoring of trigger rate, trigger pull, and total shots with a programmable “memo” function • Programmable game timer up to 99 minutes with adjustable timer start • Fractional BPS adjustment with independent Eyes On/Eyes Off BPS setpoints • Programmable “capped/uncapped” enable feature • Fully adjustable Solenoid dwell, ABS Dwell and ABS Reset Timer • Programmable Auto Shutdown Time • Programmable Breech Delay with selectable Eye Process and (4) Eye Modes • Programmable Audio enable • Independent Leading and Trailing Edge trigger debounce • Programmable “cycle specific” Trigger Filtering controls • Programmable “Tournament” mode Other Standard Features • Complete menu driven setpoint “Default” options for individual profiles, all profiles, globals, statistics, or the entire marker setpoint memory • All user setpoints are stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory and are persisted across battery replacements • Forced shot operation with “Empty Breech Eyes On” conditions for sound activated hoppers • Trigger buffering for smooth “rope” shooting • Instant transition from programming to live firing without powering down the marker * Default Tournament Modes. Other tournament formats are user definable.