Battlewear Components EXFOG Fan System

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If you play Paintball or Airsoft, you know how important it is to keep your goggles on and secure…

These sports have a minimal eye injuries because rules are extremely strict at proper locations. If you so much as put your finger in a pair of goggles to rub the fog, you will likely be ejected from the game, costing you and your team points, or even ejection from a game or field.

So, after all that investing, you find that you have a major issue: You can’t see…You get shot…You get frustrated…I know. I have been there numerous times.

Goggle Fog for paintball and airsoft can completely drive a person out of a sport they love if it is something that can’t get under control.

I have personally tried numerous defog sprays and compounds. Each and every one claiming to do a great job. In the end, there is one thing a spray, rub, or compound can not do…It can not move the humid air that is inside your goggles, out…

This is where the ExFog comes in. It works, and on all types of goggles…

ExFog AntiFog Unit. This light-weight, compact Antifog device will make fog an issue of the past...For anything from paintball and airsoft, to skiing, construction, manufacturing, household work...Truly almost anywhere there is a need to rid your full seal safety goggles of fog buildup.