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BT-4 Player Parts Kit

BT-4 Player Parts Kit

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The BT-4 Players Parts Kit has all of the spare replacement parts you'll need for your BT-4 marker.

Players Parts Kit Includes:
  • 1-Ball Detent Assembly
  • 1-Receiver Screw
  • 1-Shock Absorber O-Ring
  • 1-Rear Bolt O-Ring (Exterior Valve O-Ring)
  • 1-Linkage Arm
  • 2-Short Receiver Screws
  • 1-Long Receiver Bolt
  • 1-Drive Spring
  • 2-Shell Nuts
  • 1-Sear Spring
  • 1-Trigger Return Spring
  • 2-Valve Screws
  • 1-Safety O-Ring
  • 1 set of Grip Frame Screws
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