Carmatech Engineering NEMESIS Interlocking Projectile Stabilizing Barrel Tip System - NIPS

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This is the newest Nemesis barrel tip system from Carmatech Engineering. The Nemesis Interlocking Projectile Stabilizing System provides you with the most stable flight possible for your shot when paired with the Nemesis barrel and First Strike Rounds.

This system includes 3 stepped bore barrel tips and a thread saver for the front. The sizes for these tips are .685, .689, and .693 and can be combined if desired.  PB Sports strongly suggests that if you are using more than one tip, the largest bore size should be nearest the gun, and they should get progressively smaller as the round goes down the barrel.

The all new straight porting offers improved sound reduction making it more difficult for your opponent to locate you on the field.

This four piece kit is designed to reduce down range acoustics, and stabilize the projectile post rifling.  This is done by centering the projectile on the projectiles path; thus reducing down range nutation (corkscrewing). Nutation is caused by a free body spinning about an axis, when the “center of mass” of said body is offset from the flight path.

  • Precision bored Aerospace grade billet 7075-T6
  • Three muzzles one inch (1.00”) od by four inch (4.125”) long
  • Milspec Type II black hardcoat anodizing
  • Made in the USA
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  • Qty 1: Thread Protector
  • All Nemesis and Nemesis FSC/T8.1 barrel systems