Carmatech Engineering SAR12C SASS Semi-Auto Base w/ NEMESIS & G2.1 Engine

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SAR12C SASS Base w/ G2.1 Engine and Nemesis Barrel

Carmatech Engineering Inc. (CEI), a company based out of Bluffton Indiana, produces high precision pneumatic (air) rifles, proudly Made in the USA. CEI’s flagship product, the SAR12/ SAR12C is manufactured from weapons grade materials, with tolerances common to medical grade engineering and machining. The upper receivers are machined from billet 6061-T6 with a main bore tolerance of 1/3rd the thickness of a human hair. Finally the lower receivers and magazines are injection molded of firearms grade 33% glass reinforced Nylon, with wall thicknesses 35% greater than “industry standard”.

The SAR12C SASS (Scenario Adaptive Rifle) is a .68 caliber closed bolt semi-auto paintball sniper rifle that has capability of engaging man sized targets in excess of 120 yards.

  • Transported Via Included Hard Case
  • Patent Pending G2.1 Closed Bolt Semi Auto Engine
    • Converts Bolt Action SAR Into Semi
    • Valve Operation: Spool
    • Valve Actuation: Pneumatically Triggered
    • Closed Bolt Operation: Pneumatically Closed Forward, Spring Opened
    • Closed Bolt Rate of Fire: 6 Per Sec
    • Closed Bolt Velocity Variation: +/- 1.5 FPS
  • 6/9 Inch NEMESIS Rifled Barrel
  • 32 Inch Long as Deployed
  • 16 Inch Long as Collapsed
  • Optimized for First Strike
  • Fires Standard .68 Paintballs
  • Integrated 13ci/3000 Air System
  • Blackjack 18 Round Constant Feed Mag. [QTY 2]
  • T15 Magwell Adapter
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Upper Receiver: Billet AL 6061-T6
  • Lower Receiver: 33% Glass Nylon
  • Butt Stock: Aluminum/Nylon Hybrid
  • Warranty: LifeTime
  • Hand built In The USA