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Carmatech Engineering SAR12C Sniper Rifle Kit w/ Supremacy Scope NEMESIS - Lite

Carmatech Engineering SAR12C Sniper Rifle Kit w/ Supremacy Scope NEMESIS - Lite

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SAR12C Sniper Kit w/ Supremacy Scope - Lite

Carmatech Engineering Inc. (CEI), a company based out of Bluffton Indiana, produces high precision pneumatic (air) rifles, proudly Made in the USA. CEI’s flagship product, the SAR12/ SAR12C is manufactured from weapons grade materials, with tolerances common to medical grade engineering and machining. The upper receivers are machined from billet 6061-T6 with a main bore tolerance of 1/3rd the thickness of a human hair. The bolt actions are machined from billet 7075-T6 and are hard coat anodized to military specifications. Finally the lower receivers and magazines are injection molded of firearms grade 33% glass reinforced Nylon, with wall thicknesses 35% greater than “industry standard”.

The SAR12 (Scenario Adaptive Rifle) is a .68 caliber bolt-action paintball sniper rifle that has capability of engaging man sized targets in excess of 120 yards. The record for the longest in game shots (with break) is shared, in tow separate events, by both Lou Arthur and Jonathan Mark Fanslau at 119 yards, with both rifles shooting a muzzle velocity of 280 fps. The SAR12 has won back to back to back Command Decision Sniper Competitions, with all three being different sniper teams and shooters.

  • Take Down Rifle Design
  • Transported Via Included Backpack
  • Patent Pending Bolt Action Operation
  • NEW 20 Inch NEMESIS Rifled Barrel
  • 44 Inch Long as Deployed
  • 16 Inch Long as Collapsed
  • Optimized for First Strike
  • Fires Standard .68 Paintballs
  • Integrated 13ci/3000 Air System
  • Now included NEW 18rd Continuous Feed Mag.[QTY 4]
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • Upper Receiver: Billet AL 6061-T6
  • Lower Receiver: 33% Glass Nylon
  • Butt Stock: Aluminum/Nylon Hybrid
  • Foregrip: Carbon Fiber Two Inch Dia. Free Floating
  • Grip: Mil-Spec M16/M4
  • Optics: Carmatech Supremacy Scope
  • Optical Ring Set: HD 35mm Nato/ Milspec
  • Factory Zero of Optics: 45 Yards TCH
  • Bipod: Rail Mount, 5.9 - 7.3 Inch Var.
  • Warranty: LifeTime
  • Made In The USA

Supremacy Scope Features:
  • First Focal Plane (FFP) Reticle
  • Reticle scales (zooms) as a function of magnification
  • Range estimation performance at all zoom levels
  • POA (Points Of Aim) constant at all zoom levels
  • 1-6x variable zoom
  • Large Field of View (FOV)
  • Carmatech Engineering designed, Ballisticly Tuned, etched glass
  • Drop Compensating Reticle (DCR)
  • Range Estimation (RE)
  • 10 yard intervals, 40-130 yards
  • Designed for 270-300 fps marker velocity
  • Works with or without-tiltable scope bases
  • Red/ Green reticle illumination
  • 3.8- 4.2 inch eye relief(Designed for paintball masks)

Supremacy Scope Includes:
  • HD 35mm Nato/ Milspec ring set ($40 value)
  • Lens Cloth
  • Kill Flash (Shown Installed)
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