Classic Army CA Airsoft Magazine Metal Mid Capacity 150 Round for AK AEG SIX PACK

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The Classic Army AK-47 Midcap Magazine Pack is a set of six 150 round magazines. These full metal mags fit all airsoft AK AEGs, including the CA SLR-105, and others. The metal construction of the CA 150 round AK midcap magazines gives both realism and durability. Classic Army magazines can take a beating and continue to feed reliably, and are a fantastic option for any military simulation loadout. Classic Army AK-47 Midcap Magazine Pack Features: -150 Round Capacity -Full Metal Construction -Six Magazine Pack -Reliable Feeding Design Midcap magazines eliminate the rattling and winding associated with hicap magazines. Many airsofters prefer the realism associated with changing and carrying spare magazines. The CA AK-47 midcap magazines feed flawlessly and are the best midcap magazine pack available.