Classic Army CA Manual Control Airsoft Box Magazine for M249 SAW AEG

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Manual Winding Control 2500rd Box Magazine for Classic Army A&K Echo1 M249 SAW The "best" box magazine to buy for your FN Herstal, Classic Army, A&K, Echo1 M249 SAW series Airsoft AEG. This magazine features a manual winding button on the bottom of the magazine. Don't worry about rewiring an A&K box magazine for a button, get it preinstalled in the box magazine. While the sound control of the newer A&K box magazine designs was a very cool concept in airsoft it has been found lacking in terms of long lasting durability. So much so that many people rewire them to be more like this original Classic Army design. Features: Robust and durable construction. Plug and play ready to suppress fire! Fits all platform of M249 series Airsoft AEG. (Classic Army, G&P, FN Herstal & A&K compatible) BB Capacity: 2500 rounds Power: Two AA Batteries. Not included. Modes: Manually Wind Manufacture: Classic Army CA