Dangerous Power E2 Electronic Speedball Paintball Marker Red

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The Dangerous Power E2 is reliable, lightweight, and affordable. The E2 does not hold back on features like full aluminum body and frame, new bolt engine, hose-less design, clamping feed neck, aluminum adjustable trigger, and a 12” micro-honed .689 barrel! Some of these features are only found on higher end markers but with a starting price just under $200 the E2 crushes the competition. Getting into speedball or just wanting a reliable entry marker? The E2 gets the job done!


• New Bolt Engine

• Hose-less Design

• Full Aluminum Body and Frame

• Clamping Feedneck

• Renovated Twist-Knob ASA

• Improved Aluminum Trigger

• 12” Barrel Length, .689 Micro-honed

• Only weighs 1.73 pounds