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Custom Anodized Tippmann Crossover Dust Zombie Green & Black Smoke

Custom Anodized Tippmann Crossover Dust Zombie Green & Black Smoke

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This is part of a limited edition of custom Anodized Tippmann Crossover paintball guns.

Of course it includes the features of the standard Crossover:

  • .68 caliber electro-pneumatic marker
  • New, lightweight compact design
  • Integrated break beam anti-chop eyes
  • Ability to work in both electronic and mechanical modes
  • Low pressure operation under 300 PSI
  • Internal gasline
  • Magnetic hall effect trigger switch
  • Multiple adjustable firing modes, including semi-auto, auto-response, 3-shot burst, PSP, NPPL and Millennium
  • Tournament lock switch
  • Adjustable clamping feedneck with vertical feed
  • Machine-milled upper body
  • Bottom regulator with the ability to convert to a front regulator
  • Fully compatible with HPA and Nitrogen; for CO2, see owner's manual for details
  • Two year limited warranty
  • A-5/X7 threads

It’s the only marker of its kind that combines the benefits of FlexValve Technology – including low recoil, low pressure operation, and the ability to switch from electronic to mechanical operation – with Tippmann durability.

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