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Dangerous Power

Dangerous Power Fusion FX Black/Silver Complete Package

Dangerous Power Fusion FX Black/Silver Complete Package

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Dangerous Power FX Description:

The long awaited FX finally takes a stand and delivers dangerous and cutting edge technology to the Fusion series. The Fusion X takes a prideful stand and fierce introduction for the new decade! Through intricate design and development, the Fusion series conjures powerful attributes making it a new class of Dangerous Power markers. From superior quality, the FX's newly designed internals ensure dominating performance. The slim striker system's compact performance aims to deliver efficiency and accuracy. The lightweight body and internals ensures quick mobility for a fast response time. The OLED micro-switch board is capable of programming tournament modes and much more. The Fusion X grasps the balance of raw power, accuracy, and mobility all at an affordable price.

  • 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion Custom OLED Board
  • Reversible Double Trigger To fit Your Style
  • Ultra Lock Clamping Feed Neck
  • 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion Custom Lightweight Milling
  • Two Piece Ported Barrel
  • RAPS Lever On/Off ASA

Empire E-Vent Description:

The Empire® E-Vents™ Goggle System is a low profile goggle system designed to present a minimum target. Made of a soft and flexible dual-density material for comfort, the streamlined design keeps you in the game by deflecting glancing/bouncing paintballs. The soft faceplate is reinforced by a flexible yet strong mouth guard which allows the front of the mask to flex on impact, but stops full paintballs from pushing through or lifting it up. This creates complete protection for your lips and mouth. The vents are designed to move exhaled breath through the vents and out the side of the mask. This vent design, along with internal side baffles, prevents warm moist air from crossing the lens to prevent fogging. Your voice will also be directed out the vents, which allows others to hear what you’re saying instead of being muted by the mask. The soft ear design flexes to accommodate your ear position comfortably and does not compromise hearing.

• Sleek, low profile shape
• Excellent ventilation and voice projection
• Optically correct lens for zero sight distortion
• Quick release lens system
• Removable soft ear pieces
• Silicone impregnated adjustable strap to keep the goggle secure
• Includes visor and brow shield

Ninja Tank Description:

  • SRT piston –Sonic Recharge Technology piston – plated aluminum piston that produces an industry leading recharge rate and virtually eliminates reg shoot down
  • SPA – Shim Pressure Adjustment- change output pressure by adding or removing shims, not springs or pistons
  • MFV – Mini Fill Valve – Non wrist digging, low profile design fill valve
  • Aluminum Bonnet
  • Meets all DOT, CGA and ASTM specifications
  • Completely rebuildable by the end user
  • Every regulator is hand crafted and factory tested
  • Super low response curve 0-50 psi from full to empty
  • Safety
  • ASTM COMPLIANT bonnet thread
  • ASTM COMPLIANT DOT burst disc
  • ASTM COMPLIANT Low pressure burst disk
  • ASTM COMPLIANT Restrictor, bleed hole and safety groove
  • Mini Fill Valve IS hardened, plated 5000 psi rated
    • 68 cubic inch
    • 4500 psi
    • D.O.T. and TC approved Carbon fiber bottle
    • 5 year hydro
    • Gives you 1200 shots per fill depending on marker
    Empire Prophecy Description:

    Empire Paintball presents the New and Improved Empire Prophecy Loader System. Still made from durable and ultra-strong polycarbonate material, you can feel secure that it can take some hits and keep working. We replaced the current plastic feedneck with a new and improved Aluminum Feedneck to give the loader the added reinforcement needed during play. We also added a new Drive Belt which will give your loader the ability to operate at its optimal performance. For a limited time you can purchase the Prophecy in Smoke or Black with a Body Accent Kit already installed. Available in Red, Green and Blue, you can give your Prophecy, paintball’s ultimate loader, its own cool, unique look.

    • New Aluminum Feedneck for added reinforcement
    • New Drive Belt System for Improved Performance
    • Special Editions Black or Smoke with Red, Green, and Blue Accent Kits
    The Empire Prophecy Paintball Loader System with Halo Technology. The Empire Prophecy is the future of loader technology realized today. Precisely crafted with a blend of traditional styling and new ultra advanced technology and features, the Empire Prophecy is the revelation of loader technology. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! That’s right, no tools…period. You no longer need any tools to work on your loader, change the battery, disassemble to clean, swap out lids, etc. – just utilize the intuitive snap and lock and you are good to go. Easy to use electronic functionality and the all new quick change clutch set up (no loader dis-assembly required!), along with the integrated freeway anti-jam and multiple speed settings, result in the Empire Prophecy being the fastest, gentlest on paint, easiest to use, and the most advanced loader in the long, successful history of the HALO Technology legacy.

    A. Quick load battery compartment (no tools required) B. Interchangeable “snap in/snap out” one piece feedneck C. Ultra-strong one piece interchangeable front body design with increased strength at the most impacted areas D. Magnetic force easy load lid E. Quick change backplate allows for changing logos or software/interface updates on aftermarket boards

    The future of paintball loader technology has arrived with the genesis of the Prophecy™ Loader by Empire®. With features like magnetic force winding, reversing ramp and a low friction drive, broken paint is now a thing of the past. Empire’s® state-of-the-art engineering has surpassed all expectations with the Prophecy™ Loader. Now you can select between 200 or 280+ -count front cones (240+ is standard) to add even more versatility to your game. The Prophecy is super fast and extremely consistent. Prophecy™ Features: • Motor sensing with anti-pop-corning technology • High torque Magna Drive™ motor for reliable, consistent feeding • Reversing ramp– lifts balls up and out of the drive to prevent jams and broken paint • Advanced drive system with preload drive carrier extension - aids consistency and auto clears jams • Low friction fully ball raced Delrin drive carrier and extension • Magnetic force loading for fast, consistent feed– no spring to pre wind • Integrated Empire Freeway™ Anti-jam and anti-blowback venting • Sound Activation and/or RF (radio frequency) Activation with 6 speed settings • Operates on four AA’s or two 9-volt batteries (requires adapter). Batteries and 9-volt adaptor not included.

    • Easy interchangeable front body
    • 240 ball capacity standard
    • 200 and 280 capacity bodies available
    • 4x AA Batteries
    • Quick battery change
    • One piece feedneck
    • Standard Magnet lid - Friction and Quick Lid option available
    • Quick change back plate
    • Toggle on/off
    • LED Indicator Lights
    • One Piece Mono Couple Design
    • Increased strength for high stress areas
    • Advanced Preload drive carrier
    • Magnet forced loading
    • Empire freeway Anti-Jam
    • Reverse Ramp to live up balls out of the drive, prevent broken paint
    • Low friction delrin ball carrier, clutch housing and drive extension
    • Fully ball raced drive carrier and extension
    • High torque motor for consistent feeding
    • Sound activation or R/F with 6 sensitivity and motor speed settings.
    • Motor sensing with anti-pop corning sensor
    • New Rip-Drive for better bi-direction use

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