DLX Luxe Encore Bolt Kit For 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, AND OLED

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The long awaited Encore Bolt System by DLX. Upgraded bolt system that fits the Luxe 1, 1.5, 2.0 and 2OLED Paintball Markers.  Does NOT fit the Luxe ICE.

Shot Quality-

The ENCORE bolt system utilizes an incredibly low operating pressure to completely eliminate the need for any type of “soft” or “cushioned” bolt face. Because of the ENCORE’s  low pressure operation, Luxe® ENCORE is easy on paint and felt recoil is vastly less than compatible platforms.

Cycle Timing – 

Our engineering team has optimized the ENCORE to cycle exactly as fast as needed to reach up to 15bps. By optimizing the cycle time, the bolt has less speed & physical force transferred to the ball. The result is a bolt system that has no more recoil or impact than absolutely nessary.

If a paintball can be shot, the ENCORE will shoot it.

ICE Coating for all – 

I.C.E. stands for internal, ceramic elastomer and it is the key in reducing the maintenance of the Luxe® bolt system to the lowest levels ever seen.

With the ENCORE bolt system, the ICE coating is now available to all Luxe® users, giving new life to older generation markers while reducing maintenance and enhancing their cold weather ability.

No springs needed-

The ENCORE bolt system does not require any springs to operate in any version of the Luxe® platform. This minimizes maintenance and makes the upgrade from previous cores even simplier.

Elminating the spring system also reduces part count – less parts means simpler and more reliable system even for the oldest Luxe® platform