TechT L7 Bolt Upgrade for the Dye DAM

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The TechT L7 DYE DAM Bolt is designed to reduce kick, noise, and the operating pressure of the marker.

  • The bolt itself only weighs in at 13.7 Grams, as oppose to the stock bolt which weighs 29.3grams.
  • Stock Bolt DWELL = 20 m/s, TECHT L7 DWELL = 8-10 m/s
  • The L7 Bolt for the DYE DAM is constructed of Aircraft Grade Aluminum.
  • The bolt produces virtually no kick, which helps improve accuracy and feels amazing!
  • Produces a lower sounds signature when fired because of the reduced operating pressure and dwell. At equal pressure the L7 fires 30-40 FPS higher than the stock bolt. When you install the L7 you must turn your regulator down to get the velocity under 300 FPS.
  • Less Kick = More Accuracy = More Wins = MUST HAVE UPGRADE FOR YOUR DYE DAM!