Dye I4/I5 Goggle System Thermal Lens - Dyetanium Bronze Fire

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The pinnacle of clarity, performance, safety, and durability. Stunning optical grade polycarbonate clarity coupled with the most robust thermal anti-fog technology in the game.


  • Genuine DYE Precision replacement lens for both the i4 and i5 goggle systems.
  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens: The i4 and i5 feature an industry first compound radius lens with thermal technology, giving the player the ultimate vertical/horizontal peripheral vision. Dye thermal lenses provide the benchmark for antifog performance. All Invision lenses provide perfect optical clarity and set the standard for visual performance.
  • Rapid Lens Change: Allows lens changes in ten seconds or less. Push on each interior tab arm, then slide them forward and the lens is free to be removed.
  • Horizon Peripheral Vision: The i4 and i5 offers more peripheral vision than any other mask system on the market today. This is combined with the optically correct toroidal impact lens that protects your eyes. Coupled with Dyetanium coating, a scratch resistant coating that protects both sides of the lens, and the UV coating offers protection from the sun's harmful rays
  • Both the i4 and i5 are tested at twice the current impact ASTM and CE standards for impact resistance and protection.