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Dye Proto Reflex Rail - PGA Barracks Black

Dye Proto Reflex Rail - PGA Barracks Black

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The Dye Reflex Rail is the ultimate in High end reliability and performance. What makes the Reflex a so highly sought after is Dye’s proprietary Fuse Bolt Technology which allows this marker to operate a very low 145 psi. Color coded o-rings for simplified maintenance, UL On/off, Proto 2 Piece barrel, aluminum grip frame are all standard features. The high performance solenoid allows this marker to shoot using a dwell setting of only 18 Milliseconds. The small, light Hyper3 In-Line air regulator provides high flow and smooth velocity adjustment, with non-slip grips. This Marker also features Dye highly sought after Ultralite Frame is equipped with and adjustable Reach trigger and co-molded Sticky Grips.

The Reflex boasts a two piece micro honed 14 inch barrel, Proto zippered Marker case, Repair parts kit, 1/4 oz Dye Slick Lube, barrel sock, allen key set and 9-volt battery. The Dye Reflex weighs in at 1.94 lbs.


  • Hyper3 Regulator: Proven Hyper regulator design has been greatly improved. This design is sleeker, smaller, consistent and offers precise increments of air pressure adjustment. New Shim stack is more responsive and reacts quicker to pressure changes allowing better flow and faster response.
  • Eye Pipe Plateless Enclosure: The polycarbonate eye pipe shields the anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint, creating a self-cleaning system that ensures the eyes are always monitoring the breech and ball drop. The seamless pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip O-ring on every single firing cycle.
  • Lockdown Clapming Feedneck: The adjustable cam lock lever allows you to securely lock your Rotor onto your gun without tools. DYE's cam lock feed neck sits low and tight on the marker making sure your Rotor stays low profile.
  • Reach Trigger Adjustment System: The next evolutionary step in individually customized ergonomic comfort, as well as optimal trigger speed. With the Reach Trigger it is possible to adjust the angle and reach of your trigger externally. The new angle adjustment combined with the Travel and Spring Tension allows you to create a personalized fit, to reach your ultimate shooting capabilities.
  • Ultralite 45 Frame: The culmination of top pro player influence and progressive engineering. The hour-glass UL frame was ergonomically designed to give the player complete control of the marker. It also allows players to quickly and effortlessly pull the trigger. An integrated heads up display LED light alerts you to the status of your marker without taking your eyes off the game.
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