Empire Battle Tested 3 Piece Vertical Bottle Adaptor

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BT Paintball Designs brings you the 3-Piece Vertical Bottle Adaptor for your Model/Custom 98. This marker upgrade allows you to install an expansion chamber, regulator, or gas thru grip onto your gun. With the BT Vertical Bottle Adapter, the C02 tank can be mounted vertically instead of in the stock horizontal position. The kit consists of the tank adapter, gas line and valve fitting which replaces the air line and grip ASA. The BT 3-Piece Vertical Bottle Adapter helps performance during cold weather play by allowing the liquid CO2 to expand into gaseous form when powering your Model 98 paintball gun. Increase the performance of your marker with BT Paintball upgrades.


  • For Model/Custom 98
  • Includes Tank Adaptor
  • Helps performance during cold weather play