Empire EVS Goggle w/HUD Black/Black Thermal Clear w/Recon HUD

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Take the hottest paintball goggle and facemask system in the game and add never-before-seen electronic connectivity and information technology, and you’ve got the Empire EVS HUD! Standard with a quick-change lens with maximum visibility, a soft facemask that encourages bounces and three-layer face foam for comfort, the EVS HUD adds a high-tech heads-up display that can interface with a player’s marker via Bluetooth to display settings, and display locations of other players on a field map, plus much, much more! A remarkable step forward in paintball goggle technology, the EVS HUD is already winning awards and is certain to help the wearer gain a high-tech, tactical advantage on the field of play!


• Unobtrusive View- Hidden in the periphery of your field of view, the HUD sits in the bottom right side of the goggle frame allowing for a full 84° of visibility. • Smart optics- Ensure you don’t need to refocus your eye when viewing the HUD. The display appears as if looking at a 14” image from 5ft away. • Ultra-compact HD Display- High contrast and brightness for use in strong ambient light. • Bluetooth Remote- Simply navigates your HUD via accompanying waterproof, glove-friendly Bluetooth remote. • 1 GHz Dual-Core Chip- Sophisticated micro computer with amazing capabilities • WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity • Marker connectivity via Bluetooth • Multiple onboard sensors- GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Altimeter, and Barometer. • Shock & Water Resistant- Designed to handle extreme conditions and hard knocks. • Maps- Find your way around playing fields and easily locate points of interest to get the most out of your day. • Friend Tracking via GPS- Anyone can download and activate Recon’s Engage app, allowing you to see their positions in your HUD • Compass- Keeps you oriented and dynamically displays your friends’ positions relative to yours. • Answer or ignore calls with ease on the move. View Caller ID on your HUD to see who’s getting in touch. • Save fumbling for your phone. View text messages as you receive them, even with gloves on. • Celebrate your biggest achievements as they happen through instant sharing to Facebook. • Take full control of what’s playing from your phone’s library or favorite streaming music apps.