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Empire LTD FT Jersey - Flare - 3XLarge

Empire LTD FT Jersey - Flare - 3XLarge

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 The Empire LTD FT jersey has been designed and created by and for top paintball teams, culminating in an unmatched combination of style and performance features. In the past, you could smash your opponents or you could look good. Now, smash your opponents look good, stay cool and take bounces all at the same time with the LTD FT jersey! High-tech mesh panels help make the LTD FT paintball jersey light and breathable, encouraging the utmost air flow, keeping the player cool while heating up the field. Elbow, forearm and chest padding protects the player from the impacts of sliding, diving or incoming paintballs. Thumbhole cuffs keep the Empire LTD FT jersey’s sleeves right where they belong and the Clarino leather palm saves you from turf burn. Stop searching, because you’re looking at the very best jersey in paintball. Features: Engineered mesh panels provide passive cooling while keeping the jersey light and comfortable Strategically located padded nylon slider forearms for the ultimate protection during sliding and crawling. Get into the snake or hit that corner with confidence, not fear of turf burns or scrapes. Individual serial numbers on every jersey for a true “limited edition” Fully articulated elbow padding to defend against bounces and protect you when diving or sliding. Strategically placed bio-foam panels on the shoulder, and in the soft spots under the arm. Clarino leather thumbhole loops keep the jersey’s sleeves where they belong, add protection and even allow for spray and splatter removal from goggle lenses!



  • Light, comfortable, and non-constricting for those long days at the field.
  • Massive mesh ventilation creating optimum air flow through the jersey for cool comfort.
  • Maximum padding for plenty of shoulder and forearm protection: it works when you get worked.
  • Lycra-stretch cuffs and forearms to fit perfectly over elbow pads.
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