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Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit - A-5/BT threads

Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit - A-5/BT threads

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Dominate the Game with Empire Paintball's newest barrel kit for your marker. Five bore inserts to accommodate virtually any size paint for greater accuracy and efficiency. Sizes-.675,.680,.685,.690 and 695. Includes a 14" and 16" Aluminum barrel tip-ported barrel with reduced drag, improving accuracy and hit percentages on your shots. Aluminum barrel back-compatible with all original Freak Barrel Kits. See a huge increase in accuracy and efficiency from the Super Freak over your stock barrel. As a bonus, it comes with a delude storage case that you can put into your gear bag an keep things organized.

  • 14" and 16" Tips
  • 5 bore inserts ( .675, .680, .685, .690 and 695.)
  • Deluxe Travel Case
  • A-5/BT threads
  • Polished Black
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