Empire SYX Limited Edition Boss Marker w/ Empire Ultra 68ci and GI Sportz LVL 1.5 Black/Grey

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Empire SYX - Boss
This is a limited edition of the SYX, available only to select dealers.

The Empire SYX takes the revolutionary AXE platform to even higher tiers of performance. This totally redesigned marker features a new streamlined body and a revised engine to bring players the ultimate combination of performance, ergonomics, and durability. The SYX’s body features clean, graceful lines and comfortable wrap-around rubber grips. It looks great and you’ll never lose control while using it, no matter how hard you play or what kind of weather the paintball gods bless you with. Like its predecessors, the SYX features a hose-free design. The air passages and regulator rest safely and conveniently in the grip frame.
Every SYX comes standard with multi-function board with an OLED display and a dual-button interface navigation system. The SYX puts all the firing modes and performance settings you’ll need at your fingertips, including the current NXL firing mode. The SYX also features tool-less bolt and battery removal. The bolt system features a safety piston which prevents the removal of the bolt while the marker has air running through it. Standard O-rings round out the features that make the SYX one of the easiest to maintain markers available. To give players out-of-the-box accuracy, Empire has equipped the SYX with a performance micro-honed barrel system. The two-piece design features a 7.5” control bore for peak accuracy and efficiency.

If you want a marker that perfectly balances aesthetics with performance and will help you dominate the competition, put a SYX in your hands and never look back.

Empire Ultra 68ci 4500psi Tank
  • Ultra lightweight carbon fiber tank, 30% lighter than Basics 68ci
  • Empire regulator utilizing proven Pure Energy technology, the leader in stable air flow pressure and efficiency
  • Dual burst discs for added safety
  • Fully serviceable internals
  • Five year hydro retest cycle
  • Made in the USA
  • DOT/TC approved tanks
  • Available in 68ci size

GI Sportz LVL 1.5 - Black/Grey
GI Sportz LVL Version 1.5 High Performance Loader System. G.I. Sportz's Electronic Mid-range Paintball loader just got even better! The new LVL 1.5 hopper has been upgraded with a full new shell, back cover, speedfeed lock ring, feed hood, ball tray, and speedfeed! It comes loaded with everything standard in the original LVL loaders and MORE! A speed feed and rain lid to give you the best options in all weather. Adjustable Programing Speends. Ultra lightweight with a super low profile. Built-in Rubber Ring Feeding System with soft feeding for brittle paintballs plus Jam-Proof Drive System.

  • Upgraded High Performance Electronic Paintball Loader System
  • 200 Round Paintball Capacity | Speedfeed + Rainlid Included
  • Upgraded Shell, Back Cover, Speedfeed Lock Ring, Feed Hood, Ball Tray, and Speedfeed
  • Adjustable Programing Speeds, Ultra lightweight, Super low profile
  • Jam-Proof Drive System, Built-in Rubber Ring Feeding System with soft feeding for brittle paintballs