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Exalt Ninja Series Collector Series Bayonet & Maid Combo - Gray/Purple

Exalt Ninja Series Collector Series Bayonet & Maid Combo - Gray/Purple

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Looking for a barrel cover and squeegee set to match your Cowabunga V-Force Grill? Here it is!  Also available as a complete set of 6 (inquire) to complement your goggle collection.

 Bayonet Features:

The only modular, serviceable rubber barrel cover / condom, the Bayonet uses a super-tough elastomer body that breaks paintballs immediately upon leaving the barrel / entering the body of the Bayonet. Easy to clean, robust, low-profile, and universal—the Bayonet is the only choice for safety and style.

  • Durable rubber construction 
  • Adjustable, replaceable cord—no plastic hardware to break or tensioner to adjust
  • Integrated conical shape breaks paint that is accidentally shot

Maid Features:

This exclusive Exalt Ninja Series Barrel Maid offers the best of both worlds; a swab on one side, and a Rocket Disc on the other end.  

  • Barrel Buffer – Won’t unravel, easy to wash, cleans like a champ.
  • Rocket Disk – Something you’ve never seen before. All-weather seal retracts during insertion to prevent paint going up your barrel, then expands as you pull back to remove everything in it’s way.
  • Molded Shaft – Not built on a twig, this beast of squeegee is forged out of tough & flexible plastic.
  • All pieces are 100% interchangeable and 100% replaceable.
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