First Strike 68ci 4500psi Carbon Fiber HPA Tank with Hero 2.0 Regulator

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The First Strike Carbon Fiber HPA tank is the affordable light weight option for the player who wants to upgrade to a light air system, without the steep price tag. These high quality air systems are individually inspected and tested with a Tri-Label certification allows to be used in various regions across the globe. These tanks feature the new Hero 2.0 regulator from First Strike. The new FS Hero 2.0 regulator features an industry leading ultra-low profile bonnet and features a tool-less adjustable position collar that allows you to change the position of the gauge and fill nipple. The First Strike Hero 2.0 Regulator also has an adjustable output pressure, simply purchase the desired pressure kit and install – only 2 allen keys necessary.

  • 68ci 4500psi capacity
  • Micro Gauge
  • Low-Profile Fill Nipple
  • Low-Profile Burst Disks(Low and High)
  • Adjustable Output Pressure
  • Tool-less Adjustable Positioning