First Strike 90 Degree Rotary On/Off ASA Tank Adapter Kit for Tippmann A-5

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This tank adapter kit gives you the ability to run your new style Tippmann A-5 on 13ci/3000psi compressed air tanks with the bottle mounted under your barrel for a whole new compact marker set up.


  • 90 degree tank adapter
  • On/Off style ASA
  • Bottle bracket secures 13ci/3000psi tanks(or Ninja 22ci/3000psi tanks) to your barrel
  • This kit will only fit newer style A5 bodies. If the main body of your A5 has a lip on the bottom at the front this kit will not fit your marker.

Please note, depending on the style of tank you are using you may need to install a reg extender between your tank and the ASA in order to allow proper clearance for your burst disks.

Tank, Tippmann A5 and First Strike Reg Extender are all shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included with this purchase.