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First Strike

FSR First Strike Rounds - 250ct - Smoke/Yellow - Yellow

FSR First Strike Rounds - 250ct - Smoke/Yellow - Yellow

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Welcome to the new age of paintball! First Strike has taken paintball to a new level with their first strike paintball. What is first strike? First strike is a new paintball design that allows your paintball to travel well over 300 ft compared to a paintball that struggles to make it 200 ft. At 300 ft. the first strike paintball can still break on its target! Tested in an indoor range the first strike round had a 6 inch spread at 100 ft.!! A normal paintball has a 30 inch spread at 100 ft. The first strike round has an aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology which helps the round fly further and straighter than a normal paintball. Become one of paintballs first true snipers with the first strike paintball from First Strike! Now with bulk packaging the First Strike rounds are much more cost effective.

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