GoG Boremaster Freak Insert Kit - Stainless Steel

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The Freak is more than a barrel, it's a completely versatile barrel system. In terms of performance, the barrel is the most critical part of your paintgun. It is where the marker interacts with the paintball, accelerating it to speed and guiding it on target. Unfortunately, not all paintballs are the same. Formulas are different from brand to brand, consistency varies from batch to batch and the paintball's gelatin shell even changes its characteristics with the weather. The Freak adapts to these changing conditions and more.

The heart of the Freak is its insert system. Freak Inserts are designed to provide a perfect fit for the game's biggest variable ‒ the paint. You don't want the paintball that is in your barrel to be too loose or too tight. Before you start to play, pull out a paintball and push into the back of the barrel. You know you have the right insert when the ball won't roll out of the barrel but you can still blow it through with your mouth.

Kit includes:

  • .679 Stainless Insert
  • .682Stainless Insert
  • .684Stainless Insert
  • .687Stainless Insert
  • .689Stainless Insert
  • .691Stainless Insert
  • .693Stainless Insert
  • .695Stainless Insert
  • Case