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GOG Freak Junior Barrel Kit

GOG Freak Junior Barrel Kit

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Formerly known as the Smart Parts Freak Jr. Barrel Kit, the GOG Freak Jr. Barrel Kit is a lower cost Freak barrel kit. The Freak is considered by many to be the most versatile paintball barrel kit of all time!

Even though standard paintballs are labelled ".68 caliber" they actually vary by thousandths of an inch in diameter. This can be due to manufacturing conditions or heat and humidity that can cause paintballs to expand or contract. This may seem insignificant but these small variations have a huge impact on accuracy, ball breakage and air efficiency. The GOG Freak Inserts lets you match the paint you are shooting that day to the proper diameter insert. Once you find the ideal insert you install it in a Freak Jr. back and screw in the Freak Jr. front. This proper paint to barrel match results in peak accuracy, minimal barrel breaks and utmost air efficiency from your paintball marker.

The GOG Freak Jr. Barrel Kit Comes with the barrel back, front, three Freak inserts (.689, .691, .693) and a Freak Case. The Jr. doesn't have all the fancy milling of the standard Freak backs and fronts. The Jr. is machined to some of the highest tolerances in the paintball industry. The exceptional grade aluminum features a fine satin anodized finish that is aesthetically pleasing with both gloss and dust marker finishes. The barrel back will accept any length Freak Barrel Front and if you change markers you don't need to buy a whole new barrel kit, just a new Freak Back!

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