Inception Designs FLE Feedneck with Dye Adapter - Polished Black

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FLE Feedneck with DYE Adapter

This is the smallest, lightest and greatest accessory feedneck available and that Inception Designs recommends for use with all of their custom gun bodies.

Use it with a threaded adapter on many other gun bodies that are threaded for DYE.

It has thumb screw adjustment with a milled adjustment knob for better grip, with an ambidextrous locking lever system. Locks onto the gun body or the adaptor with a small lip so it wont come off even if it comes loose. Ultra modern low profile (lower than the Empire Accessory feedneck). Lightweight.

Machined from Aluminum 6061 T6.

All feedneck adaptors are polished black anodizing (as they are hidden) except for the Angel Hi Rise which comes in the raw finish if the raw feedneck is selected.