Inception Designs Autococker Slide Frame 45

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These are slide frames that will fit on any Autococker or Sniper (including all Inception, Empire and WGP guns). They are available as base frames without any parts in versions that do and do not allow the use of an auto trigger. They are also available as full frames with and without the auto trigger components. When using the frame on an Inception/Empire or WGP Autococker the only difference is the trigger plate. When selecting an Inception/Empire frame without auto trigger you will get the fully skeletonized trigger plate. When selecting the Inception/Empire frame with auto trigger you will get the skeletonized trigger plate that allows the use of the Autotrigger. WGP plates come in only one skeletonized design that can be used with or without auto trigger.

Full frames include our roller sear and precision shoulder bolts. They also include three trigger return springs of different strengths and our trigger spring guide for the ultimate in smooth triggers and fast trigger response.