Inception Designs VASA Blank Plate - Black

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This VASA (Vertical Air Systems Adapter) blank off plate kit includes everything to completely block off the VASA air inlet hole found above the VASA on a 2K+ style Autococker or Sniper.

It is 100% reversible. If you don't want it, simply remove it and your gun body will be exactly the same as before. It uses the same threads and hole to mount it as your standard VASA.

This kit is intended to be used with a mini front block to extend the front regulator forward on your gun providing improved ergonomics that are more commonly found on modern paintball guns.

Kit includes

* Polished black Aluminum Blank off Plate with timing rod guard and alignment pins
* VASA Blank off screw
* VASA o-ring
* Screw o-ring