JT DL9 Ready To Play Kit

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The all new JT DL9 semi-auto paintball marker features the "DLS" Dual Loading System capable of shooting .68 caliber paintballs - through a standard top loading hopper and a lower mag-feed system.  This innovative "DLS" utilizes a unique patent pending system that enables you to interchange the loading system, with a quick turn of the barrel, during play.  The DL9 come "Ready to Play" with all accessories needed to begin their scenario play. 

  • Dual Loading System Feeds From Loader & Magazine 
  • Removable 9 Round .68 Caliber Magazine 
  • Semi-Auto Marker Firing Up To 8 Balls Per Second 
  • Clamping Feedneck For Secure Loader Fit 
  • Smooth Action Single Trigger Pull