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JT Raider Ready to Play Paintball Kit

JT Raider Ready to Play Paintball Kit

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The JT Raider is built for action. The JT Raider paintball starter kit is an aluminum construction marker made to take a beating. The built-in foregrip helps stabilize your aim, meaning you can get that perfect shot. A protective mask, 200-round hopper, a pre-filled CO2 tank and paintballs are included, along with needed accessories like the tank adapter, squeegee and some spare parts.

Kit Features:

  • Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
  • Aluminum construction for durability
  • Built-in foregrip for shooting stability
  • Works with CO2 or Compressed Air

Marker Features:

  • Semi Auto Marker
  • JT Guardian Goggle
  • 200 Count Loader and 50 Paintballs
  • 90 gram CO2 Tank and Adaptor
  • Squeegee, Barrel Plug, Spare Parts
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